It’s all about Roald Dahl in Cardiff this year as the city gears up to mark the centenary of his birth. Being based in Cardiff Bay, a place close to the author’s heart, we can’t wait to see what is planned to mark the occasion. Will we see the BFG thunder past the WMC? Or will the water tower flow with chocolate in tribute to Charlie & The Chocolate Factory? Or could we even catch a glimpse of the Enormous Crocodile floating alongside the Water Bus?

It’s certainly inspired us and we’re already working with our clients to plan their own special tributes to Roald Dahl and his fantastic characters throughout 2016.

It’s fantastic to see the city getting excited about children’s’ literature and celebrating his connection to, and love of, Cardiff. Hopefully the celebrations will capture the imagination of a new generation of readers too. Ask anyone and they have a favourite Roald Dahl story or a special memory tied to one of his books. And we did! Here’s what the Yogi team love best about the weird and wonderful world of Roald Dahl:

“The Witches was the first book I was truly captivated by. Our teacher would read it to us each week and I was always desperate to hear what was going to happen next.” – Alex, PR and Marketing Account Executive

“Danny, The Champion of the World is a brilliant book that I couldn’t put down as a boy. Fantastic story!” – Andrew, Director

“It’s Charlie & The Chocolate Factory for me. That book really sparked my imagination and love for creativity. I could get completely lost in it.” – Rama, PR and Marketing Manager

“I’ve always loved reading so Matilda was the book that resonated with me the most. She’s a fabulous character for young girls to aspire to. Who wouldn’t want to be Matilda?” – Jo, PR and Marketing Director

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