Project Description

Purple Poppadom

The brief

Yogi has worked closely with chef Anand George for nearly ten years, helping him to launch and establish his pioneering and award-winning restaurant Purple Poppadom in Cardiff, as well as introducing the concept of nouvelle Indian cuisine to Wales.

Our approach

Initially working on everything from helping to secure a location, creating the brand name and menu descriptions while also deploying on-going PR and marketing, Yogi is an integral part of the Purple Poppadom to this day.

To launch the restaurant in 2011, Yogi created an innovative PR and marketing plan that targeted key opinion leaders and bloggers from across the UK to create maximum impact and positive word-of-mouth. We also worked closely with leading magazines and newspapers to secure reviews and coverage.

We manage all social media channels, web content and bookings, maintaining a high profile PR programme, which secures national and regional coverage for the restaurant, Anand’s pop-up ventures and his cookery school.