Nature isn’t Neat

Nature isn’t Neat is a project aiming to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators, the actions that we can all take to support them, and how these can have a positive impact on other important issues such as reducing the decline of wildlife and mitigating the impacts of climate change. The project was initially piloted in Monmouth and funded through the Welsh Government Rural Communities fund under the LEADER measure of the Rural Development Programme and has slowly been expanding to other areas of the county.

The Brief

A key element part of the work of Nature Isn’t Neat has been changing the way the County Council manages its grassland on verges, open spaces and parks to create space for nature. Encouraged by public support, changes we have made to our grass mowing, and the appearance of many more wild flowers during the spring and summer months. We created a brand style for the project adapting it to a Code of Practice, a FAQ leaflet, signs, pull up stands and a Wildflower guide.

Nature isnt neat flyer
Nature isnt neat flyer
Nature isnt neat pop up stand

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