With over 25 years of experience, Magstim believes in delivering high-performance, versatile TMS solutions with tailored packages for researchers and medical professionals.

The Brief

Yogi was appointed to manage PR and all social media channels on behalf of Magstim, the pioneers of a revolutionary non-invasive treatment for depression known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The remit extended outside of the UK, also covering the US. 

Although this incredible technology had been available for over 25 years, awareness of TMS in the UK and US was still low amongst the general public and medical community so education and promotion were key to the campaign.

What We Did

Yogi launched a two-pronged approach to social media and PR, addressing two key audiences – patients looking for alternative depression treatments and clinicians treating people with depression. 

Our offerings for each on social media were carefully designed and targeted through specialist messaging and creative designs, aimed at explaining the technology and illustrating the success of the treatment in appropriate and engaging ways. This included the use of still graphics, video case studies, innovative animations, and targeted micro-campaigns highlighting key messages.

PR addressed the two distinct audiences too, with a mainstream awareness campaign using case studies of patients who had been cured by TMS targeting consumer media, and new technology and development stories targeting medical and technology/investment press to showcase innovation and help Magstim stand out as the leading TMS supplier.


The consumer campaign, which featured case studies of patients treated by TMS and collaborations with the NHS, achieved coverage across regional TV and radio channels, as well as with national media including the Sunday Mirror, as well as engagement levels of up to 42% on social media.  

Launches of the new StimGuide navigation system and Horizon Performance TMS system achieved coverage in both UK and US medical and medical technology print and online media and drove new sales enquiries.

Social media engagement levels also soared across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and Magstim witnessed a stream of new sales and patient enquiries via its social media channels as a result, plus a boost to website visitor numbers.

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