Giving freedom to people with diabetes

The most simple and convenient medication cooling system available, a FRÍO® offers people with diabetes and other medication users the ultimate accessory for keeping their insulin or medication cool and safe. In-use Insulin is safe in a FRÍO® for up 28 days.

The Brief

FRIO patented the world’s first insulin cooling wallets which are relied upon by people with diabetes all over the globe to keep their in-use insulin cool and safe from deteriorating when out and about.

When FRIO first engaged with Yogi the company was looking to take their product line ups to the next level and to improve their brand, market positioning, and website.

What We Did

From early beginnings with FRIO, which began with refreshing the brand, and applying new design values throughout all their promotion material, website and exhibition activity, Yogi has had the honour of becoming an extension of the FRIO team, working hard with them to continuously develop its brand, its products and its positioning.

As well as digital marketing, PR and social media, we have also become involved in product development and seeking out new market opportunities for the brand. This has involved creating a new upscale lifestyle range of cooling wallets, which has transformed the brand into a fashion accessory as well as a purveyor of medical products.

Frio Advert
Frio Advert

We have also been integral to the establishment of FRIO distributors throughout the world, designing, building and supporting in-country website platforms in countries including Spain, Australia, France and Canada.

In the last year alone FRIO has seen its website traffic soar by over 91%, its global sales double and its online retail sales increase by 51% – all driven by e-marketing, digital advertising and targeted social media. Creative and engaging content has seen social media engagement skyrocket by over 200%.

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