Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedo Ein Bro

The ‘Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’ project is a voyage of discovery along the river Tywi’s middle reaches.

The Brief

In short, this project was put together to raise awareness of the Dyffryn Tywi Meadows Day project amongst key target groups and stakeholders (local people, gardeners, environmentalists, local history lovers, schoolchildren, parents) and encourage them to actively take part.

For us, the project was about nature conservation in terms of preserving and expanding meadows in the region, but it is also about engaging local people with their cultural and economic history and influence on the landscape that meadows have bestowed on them. It is this relational context that we will reflect on in social media and PR activities undertaken to publicise Meadows Day Events.

What We Did

Everything that Yogi created in terms of press and media coverage, social media activity, and Enews promotion was designed to drive traffic to the new website so that people could find out more about Meadows Day Events.

The website is a vital communication tool for providing a hub of information and news for the project.

As well as press releases and news stories for the website, we also wrote blogs on relevant topics in the run-up to Meadows Day, with topics to be decided between ourselves and the Dyffryn Tywi team.

Dyffryn Tywi Brochure

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