Project Description

Circular Families – Cardiff University

The Circular Families Game introduces players to social innovation initiatives to build a circular economy.

The Brief

Yogi was approached by Cardiff University to commission the design of a card game to help introduce people to social innovation initiatives. The game was based on the results developed in the H2020-MSCA-IF research project CircuBED conducted at the Welsh School of Architecture by Dr. Marianna Marchesi and would be available in both English and Welsh.

The Circular Families Game would be used for educational purposes and would be available in a do-it-yourself print at home format and Yogi was also asked to provide 5 stand-out printed copies for use at the Welsh School of Architecture.

What We Did

We liaised closely with Dr. Marianna Marchesi and produced a template design that would be used across each of the 52 playing cards, there were also 2 joker cards, 10 letter cards, 5 rule cards, 1 term of use card, and 1 introduction card to explain the game and it’s purpose. In total there were 78 cards including the Citizen-ID cards that explain the features of the citizen type.

We decided to choose 13 stand out colours that would help to differentiate each circular family and make the overall aesthetic eye-catching and bold. Alongside the design of the cards, we had to work out what size would work best and how to produce the cards in a format that would work well printed at home. Not everyone has access to an expensive printer that can produce high-quality results. With this in mind, we stuck to A4 paper size and placed the cards in a 4 by 2 grid.

Overall the final result was aesthetically pleasing, produced on a quality of card that is long lasting and will be used to teach for many years to come.

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