Caru Cymru Branding and Campaigns

Caru Cymru is an inclusive movement led by Keep Wales Tidy and local authority partners to eradicate litter and waste.

The Brief

Its aim is to inspire the people of Wales to take action and care for our environment, building stronger, healthier communities and making a positive difference to our planet.

The freehand style of the heart symbolises the organic nature of Caru Cymru, for the people. It conveys accessibility and inclusiveness; a movement open to and built on partnerships and the vital role of the individual in making a difference.

Overall, the Caru Cymru brand is confident and inclusive, enabling anyone who displays it to clearly demonstrate their commitment to playing a part in protecting the environment of Wales.

What We Did

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Caru Cymru Volunteers
Caru Cymru Marine Clean
Caru Cymru Girls picking up rubbish
Caru Cymru Branding Guidelinescover

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