Get Together – Understanding Loneliness

Better Together is one of 5 UK-wide projects focusing on collaborations to address the social & wider determinants of health. The project is led by Public Health Wales in partnership with the national charity Action for Elders, Swansea-based Bay Health GP Cluster Network, and Swansea Community Voluntary Services. The focus of the project was to address social isolation and loneliness in older people, leading to measurable improvements in their health and wellbeing, through the development of a peer-to-peer approach.

The Brief

The LPHT are looking to contract with a provider with experience and expertise in the production of products that effectively communicate the learning, findings and key take home messages from the project that can help inform others’ approach to tackling loneliness and social isolation. These will include:

  • Design and presentation of written documents using appropriate and engaging visuals/graphics
  • Development of a digital playbook that is readily accessible to a wide audience and brings the messaging alive in animation/graphics format.
Get Together - Understanding Loneliness Report

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