Age Cymru Befriending

In June, Age Cymru launched their new telephone befriending service, Friend in Need. The service provides information and support for ‘Friends’ already supporting or wanting to help people they know in their local community and provides free telephone friendship calls for people in Wales who are 70 or over.

The Brief

Yogi was approached by Age Cymru to build a strong, compelling, and very human reason for people, be it individuals or stakeholder partners to become involved in the befriending service.

It would be a hearts and minds campaign to show the reality of loneliness in old age and self-isolation and the benefits of befriending both the client and the volunteer befriender.

This was a recruitment campaign, a call for volunteers as well as recognising the achievements Age Cymru has already made in creating an Age Friendly Wales. The campaign would therefore shine a light on the positive human impact on the lives of older people receiving these services in all their aspects and on the volunteers and Age Cymru staff delivering them.

What We Did

Having read through the brief and working with Age Cymru on previous marketing campaigns we knew exactly what they were after and set out on putting together a full marketing strategy. In terms of engaging with potential stakeholders/partners, this would be a more statistical approach, promoting the numbers, the achievements in a more analytical way, which will be featured in the social media campaign and video.

  • A marketing strategy plan – addressing consumers and stakeholders
  • A fully integrated social media campaign
  • Social media content – including blogs and links to the website
  • Social graphics, inc. Gifs and Infographic
  • Case Studies – both clients and AC staff
  • Main campaign video
  • Social Media videos
  • Email marketing graphics

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