Welsh Language Policy

Yogi Communications recognises and supports the official status of the Welsh language as and that it should be treated no less favourably than the English language.

We believe that people in Wales should be able to live their lives through the medium of Welsh if they choose to.

We create work in English, Welsh and bilingually.

We see this policy as forming part of a progressive and forward-looking commitment within our sector to promote a bilingual Wales.

We are committed to

  • Offering a service of equal standing to Welsh and English speakers
  • Employing Welsh speakers
  • Encourage and support staff seeking to learn the Welsh language Understand and acknowledge the bilingual nature of Wales
  • Raise our Welsh profile and recognise ownership by Welsh speakers and non-Welsh speakers alike
  • Ensure conformity to the linguistic and cultural specifications in legislation and best practice guidance as approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner

Written correspondence

  • We welcome correspondence in both English and Welsh and aim to provide an equal standard of service in both languages.

Telephone communications

  • Yogi will have a bilingual answer machine message.
  • An initial response will be made bilingually. If the member of staff does not speak Welsh we will give the customer the option of being referred to a Welsh speaker where possible.
  • Individual staff members who are Welsh speakers will be encouraged to leave bilingual messages with their voice mail.

Digital and social marketing and information technology

  • We are currently developing fully bilingual web presence in accordance with the Welsh Language Commissioner’s guidelines.
  • E-flyers will be sent out in the language of preference wherever possible.
  • Our social media presence will include a mix of English, bilingual communications plus original content produced in Welsh.
  • Content provided by outside sources will be posted in the language of origin.

Media Relations

  • Press releases are issued according to the language preference of the recipient media organisation, journalist or publication. Where possible we ensure that Welsh speakers are available to undertake interviews with Welsh language press and broadcast media.


  • All our external recruitment advertising is bilingual except for posts where Welsh is an essential requirement.

Translation Services

  • We use Welsh Language Commissioner-approved translators or translators who have a specialist understanding of a specific art form or topic.

Welsh-speaking staff

  • We respect the fact that a number of our staff are Welsh speakers and encourage staff to communicate in the language of their choice within the workplace.
  • We will not expect Welsh-speaking staff to act as translators for written or spoken communications unless this forms a part of their job description and they have the necessary skills to enable them to deliver this service to a high standard.

Review of Policy

This policy and its implementation is reviewed by the Yogi Board of Directors on an annual basis and improvements made where possible.

Operational compliance

The policy is the responsibility of the Chief Executive and operational compliance is the responsibility of the Managing Director