Our creative director takes on gruelling cycle just months after recovery

It’s a big weekend for our creative director Simon as he takes on a 100 mile charity bike ride just eight months after being left paralysed by a rare condition that left him fearing he would never walk again.

In December last year, cycling enthusiast Simon was diagnosed with Guillain Barré Syndrome after a bout of flu. This rare condition, brought on after infection or inoculation, causes the immune system to attack the myelin sheath coating your nerves and the nerves themselves. It renders most people paralysed in both legs and the arms before reaching muscles around the lungs. It can take sufferers years to recover, if at all.

Miraculously, Simon is already fully recovered and ready to take on the Prudential RideLondon cycle on Sunday 29th July to raise money for the GAIN charity which helps and supports medical professionals and sufferers of this chronic condition.

We are incredibly proud of Simon for taking on this challenge and we wish him all the best for Sunday.

If you’d like to support Simon, please click here to donate.