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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) can be used in many different ways to visualise objects and processes that we can see, and also those we can’t. Products that have a particular way of working that can’t be filmed, whether the components are too small, hidden in some way, or simply too complex, can be visualised in a clear and concise way that is styled appropriately for the target audience. Whether physical products or cellular-level pharmaceutical processes, all can be visualised in a way that customers can understand, in a visually appropriate style.

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The type of images created can range from print resolution stills through to 4K (and higher) animated sequences for use on websites, social media, trade show monitors, etc. Sequences can range from just a few seconds to many minutes, depending on the complexity of the process being visualised. Appropriate soundtracks, music, voice-overs, captions, and subtitles can all be used to enhance the clarity of the core story being told.

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