Cardiff school comes out on top!

A Cardiff school has been named winner of the latest upcycling Welsh themed Spring competition ‘Daft daffodils and Loopy Leeks’.

Riverbank Special School in Ely fought off 40 schools and 150 entries to create the winning emblem, a giant 5 ft 5inch daffodil, created by the pupils from years two to five.  The children used items they found around the school including two old carpet roll tubes, cereal boxes, mini milk bottles and tops, milk bottle labels, leftover paint, leftover paper and sweet wrappers.

Claire Jacobs, Outdoor Learning Teaching Assistant at Riverbank Special School, said: “The children are over the moon that their ‘daft daffodil’ has won. It was great that all the children could work together creatively and get involved in making something out of items we found around the classrooms. We have been so inspired by this competition, we are now working on making an igloo out of recycled materials – the children can’t wait!”

The award winning Really Rubbish Campaign is a recycling education scheme that works with teachers and children in 117 schools around Cardiff to reduce waste. Now in its 11th year, the waste awareness scheme uses games and competitions to encourage children from primary school age to actively participate in waste reduction.

Jennifer Sadler, Waste Strategy Manager at The City of Cardiff Council said “We had an overwhelming response to the competition but we chose Riverbank Special School as the winners for their creativity and clever use of recycling everyday items. Congratulations to the pupils for their hard work and look forward to hearing more great recycling news from the school.”

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