Children’s Commissioner of Wales

In Oct 2017, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales released their yearly report outlining their activities and aims for the last year.

In 2014, the Welsh Government commissioned an independent review focussed on ensuring the role of the Children’s Commissioner is as clear and effective as possible. It made recommendations aimed at further strengthening the Commissioner’s position.

Following that review and its recommendations, the current Commissioner set about creating a set of arrangements that would provide her with independent advice and support without diluting or compromising her statutory role and independence. Whilst vehemently defending the independent status of the office, the Commissioner saw an opportunity to draw on the expertise and support of a varied group of young people and adults recruited through an open process to help deliver positive outcomes for children and young people in Wales.

Professor Sally Holland, the Children’s Commissioner, said “In this report, many of the recommendations for the Welsh Government come from strong messages I have received from children and young people directly, on issues that may have otherwise escaped the notice of policy makers, practitioners and the general adult population. These include recommendations on the costs of transport, sibling contact post-adoption, quality and costs in residential child care, bullying and healthy relationships education.”

We are proud to have worked with the Children’s Commissioner for Wales on the design and production of this 200 page annual report. The report was launched on Oct 9th and is available online – take a look:

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